Launch of Location Innovation Academy 

Launch of Location Innovation Academy 

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Learn about geospatial data interoperability

Location Innovation Academy supports improving access, interoperability and integration of geospatial data and services, for free.  

The accessibility, interoperability, and integration of cross-border geospatial data and services have been accelerated in the GeoE3 project over the past two years. We are now offering the knowledge and ideas produced in the project to all interested parties by publishing the online training program called “Location Innovation Academy”. This free and constantly evolving online training package includes three different courses, from which the learner can choose the modules to develop their skills. 

This online programme is specifically targeted to national mapping agencies, meteorological institutions and other organizations producing geospatial data from different countries. However, in practice anyone can join the academy and start studying. You can start your studies by logging in to Moodle for free. You can study when it is best for yourself, regardless of place and time. 

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Our learning materials offer a comprehensive set of modules that supports modern and cross-border management, integration, processing, and sharing of geospatial data. Some of the course contents are suitable for beginners, while some are more for experienced and technical experts who want to deepen their skills, for example, in the OGC API standards. The content of the modules has been produced by an international team of experts from all over Europe. 

GeoE3 project will soon end. Location Innovation Academy’s maintenance responsibilities as well as further development management are transferred to OGC and Location Innovation Hub. If any other project or organization is interested in producing a learning module as part of the Location Innovation Academy, we are happy to provide our platform for that. 

We also welcome feedback on modules. Feedback can be left directly at Moodle or contact OGC or Location Innovation Hub. We will monitor with interest what kind of feedback we receive from different user groups and improve materials based on the feedback received. 

Welcome to the Webinar

Welcome to the Location Innovation Academy launch webinar on 5th April. We will tell you in more detail about the content of the Academy and how it will be developed in the future. The event is suitable for technical developers, students and teachers, as well as authorities and decision-makers interested in developing geospatial data, data service management and data integration.

Watch the recording of Location Innovation Academy launch webinar.

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