Improve your data management with our new course

Improve your data management with our new course

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Is it time to get rid of siloed data and make it findable, available, interoperable and reusable? If yes, check out our latest online course in Location Innovation Academy. This course includes texts, videos and real-life demos that help you improve your skills related to Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI).

Data management course is our newest and most popular course with more than 100 active users from all over the world. It includes five modules:

  1. Open Data and Licenses
  2. Metadata, Semantic Enrichment and EDP
  3. Semantic and Organisational Interoperability
  4. Data Quality Assurance
  5. Data Quality Dashboards

The modules are suitable for different learners. Some of the course contents are suitable for beginners, while some are more for experienced and technical experts who want to deepen their skills. Our course help you to:

  • Make your data more available and findable
  • Improve your metadata to meet the requirements of the modern-day SDIs
  • Consider organisational and semantical interoperability of your data and services
  • Automatically improve the quality of your data
  • Publish your quality information in a visual way

Learning these themes is extremely important, especially for data producers, publishers and integrators. Understanding the topics helps also end users find and use data from different sources.

The course is free and open for everyone interested in open geospatial data. Don’t miss this chance to learn more about the latest technologies and practices, so enroll now!