GeoE3 access to FKB building from Norway

GeoE3 access to FKB building from Norway

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GEOE3 has progressed with the use of ‘OGC API – Processes‘ on the GeoE3 integration platform for generating 3D models from 2.5D data applying DTM and DSM – and the results are quite impressive.
In the context of access to FKB Building for Norway, it is necessary to understand how the services need to be set up. Up until now we have been using Norwegian INSPIRE WFS 2.0.0 with GML output that is then transformed to JSON. 
In the GeoE3 test version at GeoE3 OAPIF Buildings – ( we have processed the data in such a way that there is a 3D representation like a simplified INSPIRE 3D Building.
There are three use-cases in the GeoE3 project: Solar Energy, Transportation and Smart Cities. However, data specifications and schemas for these use-cases are still required. So far, there is only one feature type provided in the test dataset: the Building. There are also other features in FKB Building that would make it possible to generate a better 3D representation that avoids showing all buildings as having a flat roof, which is uncommon in Norway.
Other feature types are exemplified in the figure below and consist of:

  • Other buildings (not registered in the cadastre)
  • Building Delimitation – Different kinds of curves (with x,y,z) that complement the building (Rooflines, etc). 

Particularly the last group of feature types may enhance the accuracy of the 3D representation. This feature type may be investigated further.

We will now look into this new OGC API – Features implementation that KARTV has set up. The OGC API interfaces that have been developed on the GeoE3 integration platform are all fully open. Meaning that the use of the contents available from them is by no means limited to the pygeoapi-produced Web user interfaces that you see, when you go to However, the resources required to generate better INSPIRE simplified 3D buildings data are limited in the GeoE3 project.

The last issue on interoperability is the lack of availability for building information as a total coverage for Norway. The issue was discussed in “Geovekstforum” – a forum for the stakeholders of FKB-data. As identified in the use-case evaluation, FKB data is not freely available, and does not fall into the common understanding of what open data should entail. We appreciate that we are allowed access for a minor area (test area) but not at a national scale. The technology of the OGC API’s is so open that it is sufficient to add “?f=json” to the URL and it will be possible for anybody to download FKB building data transformed to INSPIRE simplified 3D building data in CityJSON format. Which again means unauthorized usage. There is no way to limit the application of FKB building to the GeoE3 Web pages only.

KARTV is now setting up an OGC API Feature for INSPIRE building core 2D as a test version, on a limited set of data covering two municipalities. For further details see